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Opening Time

HorairesClosed on Monday morning
Monday          2 pm - 6 pm
Tuesday        10 pm - 6 pm
Wednesday     10 pm - 6 pm
Thursday        10 pm - 6 pm
Friday            10 pm - 6 pm

For any borrowing or payment please come before 5:30 pm

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The Language Resource Centre (CRL)

The Language Resource Centre (CRL) is a place where all Université de Nantes students and staff can learn foreign languages.

If you want to :

  • Improve your language level, get language learning advice or borrow adapted resources
  • Meet French and International students and discover new languages and cultures
  • Have a relaxing coffee break, watch a movie during lunch break or read between your classes

Come and discover the CRL !

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Centre de Ressources en Langues


Ségolène Prioult
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