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Summer courses 2018

Training dates: 3 weeks
from 25/06/18 to 13/07/18 (The Summer session is canceled)

  • 45 hours of teaching  in a classroom,
  • Cultural outings (3 day outings and 6 half-day outings)



Les machines de l'île



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If you want to use your summer holidays to make a cultural and linguistic stay in Nantes, Summer Campus is an answer to your needs. The courses will ensure you a dynamic learning experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

In summer, i-FLE offers a 15-hour course per week for 3 weeks, three full-day outings and six half-day outings. The outings are real moments of language learning and sharing between students and teachers who accompany all visits.



2 Bis Boulevard Léon Bureau
44200 Nantes



Prerequisites training

The training is open to people over 18 years old.
No diploma is required.

Admission from level A2
A placement test will place the participant in a suitable level group.
Self-assessment Grids (CEFR)


Communicate, act and get involved in projects to develop language skills

In the classroom, the communicative, action-oriented and project-based approach will allow you to develop your language skills from the elementary to the advanced level:

  • Elementary level

Talk about yourself, your environment, describe, talk about history or your preferences, understand directions, fill in personal and cultural forms and questionnaires, complete quizzes, exchange, discuss, share opinions, etc.

  • From Intermediate to advanced level

Develop writing and expression skills knowing how to organize and structure a text according to a given theme;  practice different forms of writing (note, report, summary) to make presentations on the themes tackled in the outings, tell a story, describe, express your tastes and preferences and justify them, qualify them, argue, etc.

Develop socio-cultural and intercultural skills

CAMPUS_ETECourse activities are based on an intercultural approach of certain aspects of collective memory to understand history, cultural or regional heritage. You will participate in cultural rallies, read and write leaflets, understand and deepen the documents related to the outings, develop your oral expression skills by participating in exchanges with the guide, ask questions and propose answers, debate.

Discover the French heritage, history, art and regional flavors

Cultural outings and tours broaden the summer program around three main themes:CAMPUS_ETE_2

- History and heritage including the discovery of the "Wonder of the West ", Mont Saint-Michel,
- Tradition and regional heritage at the heart of the secrets of the salt-workers in the salt marshes
  of Guérande,
- Land of art and history, meeting the vineyards of Nantes and regional flavours.



1. Download the payement procedure (Pay by: credit card, bank check, cash bank transfer)
  • Fees (individual financing): 700 € (non-refundable, except cancellation by the SUL or due to a refusal of visa)
  • Fees lifelong training (financed by an organization, company, public funds): 1390 € (non-refundable, except cancellation by the SUL or due to a refusal of visa)