Univ Buddy : intercultural exchange scheme between French and international students

Presentation of Univ Buddy

The University language learning service welcomes students of over 70 different nationalities to learn French.
The Univ Buddy scheme brings together French and international students for meetings and linguistic, cultural and/or sporting activities within and outside the University.

Come and join the Univ Buddy programme to share languages and cultures!

More details about the programme can be found here...

Next registrations January 2024

This page is reserved for students of Nantes University, you must have your university identification.


French student

What is expected of you

  • To support students in their integration in France
  • To help them learn French
  • To help them adapt to French working methods
  • To encourage social interaction through participation in various activities
  • To help them discover the campus and its many services
  • To help them discover the city of Nantes
  • To  propose and organise sports, cultural and linguistic events

What's in it for you

  • To open up to different cultures
  • To discover international mobility
  • Improvement of language skills
  • Pre-professional enrichment through a unique and original educational experience
  • Grade bonus through the process of valuing student commitment (depending on the component)

International student

What is expected of you

  • To share the general culture of your country
  • To encourage Nantes students to pursue their studies abroad
  • To help mastering a foreign language
  • To share the cultural and/or sporting practices of your  home country
  • To participate in sports, cultural and linguistic events

What's in it for you

  • Facilitated and personalised integration
  • Reinforcement of French language learning
  • Help in understanding French working methods
  • Development and promotion of cultural encounters
  • To understand more easily the different services of the university (SUAPS, BU, TU, SUMPPS....)
  • Visit and discovery of the city of Nantes


Tél: ( N° Interne 447704)
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