Learn French in Nantes in January 2023!

  • Du 03 October 2022 au 30 November 2022
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The Institut de Français Langue Étrangère of Université de Nantes is awarded by the Qualité français langue étrangère certification and offers several long and short term programmes to learn French as an Additionnal Language, for all proficiency levels.

Come learn French in Nantes if you want to  have a great experience in the heart of the campus and improve your knowledge an practice of French with other worldwide students !

Full-time semester courses consist of six levels of instruction (from beginner to advanced level) of 18 hours per week. In order to check their level, students who register for the first time take a test during the pre-entry week.
Application to our Full-Time Semester Courses starting in January, 11 2023 are open online  until 30 November 2022.

The candidate must be 18 years old and have a High School Diploma or more.

>>> Learn more about the DUEF application process

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